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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Signs of life - mid May 2009

It's getting quite exciting now, the fruits of my labours are beginning to show!

Leeks and carrots in the back two tubs and red peppers in the front tub.

The potatoes are doing well, five bags are mine, the other four are Tracy's but I'm looking after them as she has nowhere to put them.

The arum lily's looking good.

Our hosta seems happy enough.

We were too late to prune the camelia this year but the rhubarb is coming along fine and the strawberries seem OK but that corner is very crowded. The primroses are in the tub, patiently waiting for a new home, and there's some sort of creeping plant with flowers that open in the sun - very pretty but far too invasive.

The creeping plant, "Curly Red" (LEUCOTHOE AXILLARIS) in the pot, gladioli, a Christmas rose, another strawberry and a gazania. This bit of border definitely needs a sort out!

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