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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

September 2009

August had been a month for admiring the flowers we'd grown, geraniums in pots, and enjoying the runner beans and potatoes.

By September we'd cleared out some things that had finished and was giving thought to some winter colour and starting to move some things that were in the wrong place.

Salvia "Hot Lips" and a lobelia "Cardinalis" were new additions along with a campanula and some miniature cyclamen. Spring bulbs had also been planted at the back.

The dwarf runner beans were cleared out and some of the alpines moved over to this bed as they were too tall to go with the others. More spring bulbs were planted and the places marked.

Most of the gladioli had finished flowering and as these were dotted about all over the place it was decided to move them and group them either side of the concrete urn.

Some more cyclamen and spring bulbs planted here. The montbretia, now finished flowering, was moved to join some others to hopefully make a better display next year.

The tubs on the fence were planted up for the winter with primulas, pansies and cyclamens.

After discovering that primroses like shade, those that had been kept in a tub since we moved were split and planted beneath the two camelias.

That's just about it for 2009 but during the winter we did have a couple of visitors as well as the sparrows, various tits and robins. We were delighted to see a chaffinch as we don't see them very often:

And Paul thinks this is probably a fieldfare, he thinks it's too fat and spotty for a thrush:

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