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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Now we've cleared, let's start planting - early May 2009

I've managed to make headway with clearing out the two long borders. I lost count of the nasturtium seeds, wild garlic bulbs and weeds but guess it would run well into four figures.

In this border is the fuschia which we pruned plus some dwarf runner beans. There's a gorgeous azalea which Tracy and Neil bought me for Mother's Day, just in view to the left of that is some aptenia which we managed to grow from seed. We'd seen aptenia in Australia when we visited and it made a beautiful carpet of greenery and pink flowers so we hoped we'd be able to get it to grow here. In the tub on the far left is a clump of Michaelmas daisies we brought with us from the previous house. In front of the birdbath, in the tub, is a corkscrew hazel, again brought from the previous house, waiting for us to find it a new home.

To the left of the alpine border is another runner bean, a lovely pink paeony and a cranesbill geranium. The piece of slate marks how far I'd got with clearing out the border and a bunch of the wild garlic waiting to be cleared is on the left.

The long border on the other side was cleared and there's more dwarf beans, a large fuschia, something as yet unidentified, and another fuschia.

In the middle of this border are two concrete planters which we used for bizzy lizzies, a red rose behind, to the left is a hosta which we brought with us and to the right is the corkscrew hazel. Dotted around are some primulas and a lonely lily which had appeared.

The remainder of this border has a primula, next is something I can't remember the name of, a fuschia, then the miniature fuschia we brought with us and finally the beautiful specimen Arum Lily which is just about the best thing which was originally in this garden. There are some pots with some other primulas in waiting to be planted.

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