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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Now we're tidy, let's get started - April 2009

This is one of the first things I did. Tracy told me about some potato growing kits so we both sent for them. The three green bags came with the kit but there were five varieties of potatoes so I bought some pop up bags from Poundland and planted the remaining seed potatoes in those.

We bought quite a few bags of compost and manure and here are my first two tubs ready for me to plant carrot seeds.

The first border cleared, a fuschia has been left and pruned, a white camelia in the corner (which flowers around February).

The second border cleared and replanted with alpines. In the tubs there's an old out of shape fushcia which we tried to save but failed, a miniature fuschia which was later planted in another border and in the ceramic tub is the rose "Blue Moon" which Tracy and Neil bought for Paul. Still plenty left to clear in the left hand border.

The two short borders beneath the dwarf wall have been cleared, the two long borders still to go. The two concrete planters have pansies in them which grandaughter Molly helped Tracy plant for me and there's a variety of tubs with bits and pieces we brought from our previous garden waiting to be found a new home.

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