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Monday, March 29, 2010

In the beginning .............

Welcome to my little garden by the sea.

We've been in this house almost a year now, we moved in on 9 April 2009. I've never been interested in gardening but now we're retired there's more time, and this garden is very small so not too daunting a task.

These two pictures were taken in October 2008 before the builders started on the renovation. The garden looks quite tidy but there were so many nasturtiums and most of the other plants were in dire need of pruning.

This was how the garden looked in March 2009. The builders were coming to the end of their job and because of equipment, etc., which was kept in the garden we'd had no chance to do anything.

By 29 March the builders had finished and we could have a good clean up, it certainly looks a whole lot tidier. Now we can see what we have got in the garden and what's worth saving.

We had weeds galore and rampaging through the whole garden was something we believe to be a type of wild garlic. These and the nasturtiums just had to go, they were taking over all the borders. So I spent hour after hour clearing out the borders, digging out the soil, sifting through it and picking out the bulbs and seeds I could identify as being unwanted invasive plants. It was back breaking work and it took weeks but I got there in the end. I saved what was worth saving and made a start on planting what we wanted.

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