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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Our first meal entirely home grown

Well, entirely home grown apart from the chicken that is! Much as I'd love a couple of chickens the garden doesn't come anywhere near big enough to keep them. But I am very proud of the fact that on Sunday we had all home grown veggies - Rooster potatoes, runner beans and carrots and all very tasty!

There's plenty more potatoes in the tub, lots of beans still to come and carrots galore!

I haven't been able to get out and take any photos for a while, we've had rain, rain and more rain. It's knocked some of the flowers about and I need to get out and tidy them up. We had some dry spells today but we were out shopping so fingers crossed for tomorrow.


Marg said...

Ooh yummy! Well Done! I'm due to 'harvest my first carrots next week but judging by the foliage it'll be a none event! Had a few beans though!

Rainmac said...

Yum yum! My carrots aren't quite ready yet, planted them a bit late but we have had raddishes, lettuce and rocket a plenty from garden pots. The lettuce is now looking rather sad for itself, rather than persevre with it I may get some fast growing seeds and try again ;-)