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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Progress and a possible disaster!

I thought I'd do a short update as it's only 9 days since the last pictures, but then I realised "short" and Susan don't really go together in the same sentence, I admit to being quite wordy at times! Plus quite a lot has progressed in that time, well that's my excuse!

So what's happened in the seaside garden over the last week? Good news and bad news really. First the bad news, I'll get it over with. We had visitors on Sunday and we needed room for four of us in the sun room so I thought I'd plant out some of the bedding plants as it was a lovely day and it had warmed up over the last few days. So I put the African marigolds out into their pots as they were looking healthy and strong but it looks like I made a mistake:

Oops! The nights must still be going too cold and marigolds must not be as tough as some other plants. So, we've carried them back into the sun room this morning and I've given them some Rescue Remedy and keeping everything crossed that they recover. Note to self - try to be a bit more patient in future!

The azalea has past it's best and is starting to die off. The bees have loved it, we've had loads of fat furry bees busily buzzing about!

So, what's progressed?

The hostas have come on a bundle in a week and I've planted out the bedding begonias which don't seem to have suffered the same fate as the marigolds.

The allium are doing well, standing tall and straight like soldiers, I can't wait to see them in flower.

The arum lily is growing on nicely, still some signs of the frost damage but plenty of new growth so all should be well.

The rhubarb is doing very well, not quite so good as our neighbour who was lucky enough to have some "proper" manure to put on but it's still a good show. What a shame we're not supposed to pick much this year!

The bluebells in the pot are in full flower, the paeony behind is doing really well and there is one bud on it at the moment, hopefully we'll get some more but can't expect too much as we brought it with us from the last house and they really don't like to be moved.

The alpine bed is looking very colourful and these plants have grown a lot in one year.

The potatoes are now fully earthed up and the leaves have again broken through and are looking pretty good! The round pot in front has some red onions in, I've also dotted a few around the garden filling in spaces here and there. It's my first time with onions so I don't really know what to expect (or what I'm doing!). The long tub is ready for some more carrot seeds but I'm spacing these out into four tubs over a few weeks.

We have two of these planters with strawberries in, they're doing OK and flowering at the moment. If we look closely we have a few small fruits forming.

The carrots and parsnips already in are doing well and there are a few lettuces/salad leaves in the white tub.

So, what's left in the sun room? Plenty!

The nepeta, trailing verbena (already starting to flower!) and trailing petunia are gagging to get out and be put into their pots.

Two cherry tomato plants looking healthy enough.

The tomatoes are now 4'8" high with plenty of trusses that have started to flower. The runner beans have all reached the top of the poles, have been stopped and are flowering. The red peppers on the window sill behind are also flowering and are needing a bit more room as they've almost doubled in size. Once the jungle has thinned out a bit I'll be able to put them on one of the little benches in front of the window.

Well, I think that's about it this time. Told you I don't do "short"!!!

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